Hardscaping has a fun side

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Hardscaping features are the permanent, non-living features of a landscape. AVM hardscapes into a project to be both useful and beautiful. We install all of our hardscaping with craftsmanship and attention to detail to ensure a long lasting and beautiful addition to your outdoor living. Most of the hardscape surfaces remain exposed to the harsh weather all the times.

Make your outdoor space creatively not only beautiful but also functional. Whether it's a patio, patio or outdoor fireplace, you can count on AVM landscape(nurseery&architects)o deliver the best quality.

Using stone in the garden is a practice that dates back millennia. When done correctly, it can last that long, too - look at Hadrian's wall, the steps of Machu Pichu or the archways of Stonehenge.

Our hardscaping walls are great

Adding a garden retaining wall and customizing it to suit your needs can improve the overall aesthetics and property value. It is an easy and effective way of adding versatility to the space around your house.

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Stone step tips

Natural stone steps are perfect for your front or backyard. Natural stones are very versatile landscaping materials. They can provide your landscape with a luxurious and elegant ambience, a rustic and natural look, and anything in between. Also, steps made from natural stones can complement various garden styles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hardscaping is the work on inanimate outdoor space elements like rocks, pavers, and pergolas. Landscaping work refers to the living and growing elements like trees, shrubs, and flowers.
Retaining walls are critical structural supports for any yard that features a hillside or slope. They prevent erosions while also providing a proper outlet for water runoff. But aside from their practical purposes, they can also beautify your yard. We often use them to create terraces of usable land for flowers and shrubs. Our team can customize your retaining wall using concrete blocks, stone, or pavers.
Hardscaping is a term used to describe outdoor features created with concrete interlocking pavers & wall block, synthetic stone products and steppers. Hardscaping refers to any man made structure within landscaping design that is made of inanimate materials like gravel, brick, wood, pavers, or stone. Any solid structure in an outdoor area that is not plant life is considered hardscape.
When you install a water feature, it typically involves installing hardscape features as well to accommodate them. Rock, metal, and sealed concrete are common materials used. With a garden pool, you may be able to add fish and other aquatic life. Fountains and waterfalls also add the pleasant sound of water to your landscape.
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